Painting Progress - 2012-06-17

I have retaken the Stompa project, and while I still have some gretchins unpainted along the hulk and windows of the "body", I managed to paint the whole right arm practically in one morning (a record for me, considering how much the Stompa is taking to get painted).

Stompa photo

I still feel that it is too black and I should add more red, but probably will wait until the other arm and all gretchins are painted before taking a decision of adding more red (and where).

Stompa photo

I am not going to paint anything else (see the exception below) until I've finished the huge ork machine.

I recently searched for and ordered some "biohazard suit minis" for the Pandemic boardgame, because the infection strains look quite cool, the map looks quite cool, but the player "pawns" were too simple. So after some googling I found cheap and good looking minis and ordered a pack of 5.

As an exception to finishing first in progress minis, I have painted them today. They are missing maybe one or two details, plus filling the holes in the bases, but taking into account I did a quick low level painting with 3 colors per mini and that they don't have much detail, the result is acceptable anough:

Miniatures for Pandemic


After the stompa, I still have to decide, if painting buildings (not much detail/attention needed), warhammer 40k minis (got lots and varied ones) or my recent purchase, Blood Bowl teams (Humans & Orks from the gamebox and Skavens from my friend's gift). We'll see :)

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