My old LEGO Dragon Knights castle

One of my current goals is to "reduce waste". Not wasting time in absurd tasks, not burning energy in negative or harmful actions, like getting angry or complaining when I could remove, ignore or change those negative sources, but also reducing my physical goods. I've been hoarding toys, devices and "things" in general since I was a child, and while the emotional value is and will always be there, the less I have to care about (where to store, put, maintain etcetera) the better I feel, as I can use those energies to focus in other more relevant tasks. Tasks both "serious" and hobby-oriented, like painting, reading, playing games and videogames.

One of my few remaining LEGO items was a castle from my childhood. If I recall correctly I got it around when I was 14 for christmas, built it in a morning and then slowly expanded and filled it with extra pieces and figures. Since then, I have never ever dismantled it, and while I gifted all my LEGO blocks (bags and bags of them, imagine that I even had a CPU case made with them, like Google's first computer).

I now wish to reuse the space it takes to better distribute other items (mostly Warhammer 40,000 scenery that I have currently piled up), so I decided to take some photos of it and let another memory go with a better new owner, my nephews, so they also enjoy it and who knows, maybe they come with a better new design!

Front view My beloved castle, front view. Walls have extra height, and every wall and tower has some ranged weapon, from crossbows to muskets.

Main gate Main gate, with two knights marching.

Main tower Main tower, with a flag and a wizard ready to launch fireballs to attackers.

Front guards detail Detail view of the front guards

Aerial view Aerial view of the interior, which is quite packed

Closer aerial view Closer aerial view. Horses with dragon helmets can be seen waiting for their riders. Also note the cannon, a movable ballista, more guards on every wall and toewer, and some treasure chests. Under the cannon there is a floor gate and underneath more chests and barrels too. All of them full of precious gold coins.

Left side view Left side view. Again the extra wall height can be appreciated, and under the pillars there is water.

Campfire The army general and a city soldier talk around the campfire, while another wizard seems to be busy behind them. There is also a castle king inside a tower (I forgot to take a picure of him), looking exactly like the general but with white arms, trousers and helmet dragon decorations.

Horses Horses detail view (wizard and king's). A ghost can be seen in the chests building, lower floor, but even better is my custom ninja/assassin (just painted a normal head with black), awaiting instructions.

Back view Back view, with the treasure holding building on the left and the king's tower on the right.

Main tower back view Main tower back view, with the forge on the floor above the gates, and two more mounted warriors ready to exit the castle if needed.

Forge room The forge room, also containing vials and scrolls for the wizards to ready their combat spells.

Treasures Rear view of the treasures and the horses.

Rear exit The treasure building has an escape ramp that can only be opened form the inside, for an emergency where the treasure had to be moved quickly. Outside there was water and a small boat, docked and ready to be used by the king (but I already gifted this pieces).

Courtyard view More details of the courtyard: The cannon (and ammunition near the black well), the horses (here we can see general's black one) and the ballista.

Courtyard view II More courtyard. The awaiting riders have simpler armour, only having a dragon decoration at the helmet. We can see that the wizard is preparing some potion near the shooting range.

Right side view Right side view.

Left side internal view Left side internal view. If you notice there is a guard behind the tall grey wall, but cannot be seen from the outside.

Front view And that would be all. May the wisdom of the castle king help you out, and remember that this lands are under the rule of the dragon knights!

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