Long, Long time ago...

Its been nearly 13 years. 13 years since I evolved from playing Space Crusade to finding the full Warhammer 40.000 universe.

Years without painting nor using miniatures to play mighty battles.

Years without improving my Dark Angels Space Marine army.

But it is time to go back, to return to roots. To enjoy painting and that feeling of disconnection, of calm and peace I used to have when I was younger...

I've ordered the fifth edition of the game, the boxed set with miniatures. With them, I will probably have points for something around a 5.000 points Space Marine army (way too big for normal battles ;) and almost enough orks for a decent Ork army (I will probably buy a few more miniatures to have a full army).

I've already got some basic Citadel paints, brushes, cutters and glues to start painting again.

I've got new work to do (more than 50 new miniatures to paint)...

And old work to finish (at least two scuadrons and the commander of my space marine army, and most of the orcs from the second boxed edition of the game!).

But I'm thinking also of starting a new army (a third one, counting the orcs as the second), I don't know if a Tyranid army (I got lots of genestealers) or an Eldar one (I love the miniatures, Falcons and Dreadnoughts). Difficult choice... any comments?

Note: I've got some old posts pending to be written, with logs of more roleplaying sessions. I promise to do it ASAP!

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