Finishing Fallout 3 and preparing for Fallout: New Vegas

Between work and now enjoying some half disconnected vacations (one week out of Spain, and soon a few more days off to a small village) Fallout New Vegas came out and I have just installed it but not even launched yet.

The reasons, mainly two apart from the vacations:

First, I want the game to become stable. Looks as it is plaged of bugs and I don't want them to spoil the experience if it is near as enjoyable as Fallout 3.

And second, because I wanted to finish all Fallout 3 DLCs and at least one or two more side-missions. I've finally done so and reached level 30 (with around 50 hours of playtime), and while I won't give my thoughts at the official DLCs here, I'll just say that if you don't own the game go run for the Game of the Year edition (which contains all of them), because they "fix" some things and offer some variety in quests.

Many people disliked Fallout 3 becoming an RPG FPS, but I've loved the setting. Ok, is not perfect and probably far from the depthness of the previous ones, but still has some magic touch that made me feel really inside that wasteland. Plus I've lived some really enjoyable quests and situations much more elaborated than in Oblivion.

I really think it is a great game, one that I will probably reinstall in the future and keep discovering new places and fullfilling new quests almost like the first day. In the end, what matters most is not what everybody says but what you feel when you play a game.

Fallout New Vegas, I hope you're up the expectations!

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