Final Fantasy X & X-2 Model viewer

The www from time to time surprises me as if I were just beginning to surf it. I've just found a Final Fantasy X & X-2 3D model and animation viewer!


It's a bit complicated to use at first (lack of instructions...), but here are the basics:

  • Create a ISO file of FFX and/or FFX-2 (I've tested FFX Eur and FFX-2 USA and works with both, so probably Jap will work too)
  • Drag and drop the just created ISO into the ffxdumper.exe.
  • It will start extracting lots of .FFB files into folders in the path c:\Documents and Settings\[your_user_name]\
  • Move the folders wherever you want. Folder names are: mon - npc - obj - pc - sum - wep (FFX-2 hasn't got all of them)
  • Drag the desired .FFB file into the ffxview.exe and the viewer will load it.

And that's all folks!

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