Fallout 3: The Beginnings

My name is Kartones, I'm 19 years old and I am a Vault 101 ex-inhabitant.
I was born 19 years ago in a atomic vault, built inside a mountain, to survive the atomic holocaust that happened in the Earth decades ago.

I lived an almost easy and calm life inside the vault, until one day my father dissapeared. We were told there was no escape, but it was just another lie.

After some serious problems and having to kill some security people, I managed to escape the vault, and now I'm searching for my father.

The outside world, called The Wastelands, is very different from what I had read. Extended exposure to atomic radiation has mutated people, animals, and rendered toxic the waters.

I found a small city near the vault, Megaton.

I met the sheriff, ho guided me and helped me starting with this new life.

The city had quite a lot of facilities (for a small desert town), even woman... that want a male's companion for money ;)

The city is built in a crater, around an atomic bomb that didn't exploded (I defused it after improving my mechanic skills. There is a local cult that worships the bomb, but nobody should come close to it since the water is extremely radiactive.

At the saloon I met a strange man from a corporation that asked me to blow the bomb and destroy the town. I informed the sheriff and... after a shooting the sheriff died. His son gifted me with the key to my house.

The outside world is quite dangerous, robots being the less of the worries.

Big City is an almost adbandoned city, with a small group of survivors fighting continuously with the super-mutants.

I got involved in one of the fights with super-mutants, and we won, but they are quite strong. Aim for the head and watch out for brutes, who usually carry fearsome miniguns.

All the rivers and lakes are radiactive, so I have to avoid them and search for bridges whenever necessary to cross one.

Although abandoned, most houses still contain goods or pieces for repairing or building new tools, I suppose that the fear of the raiders, mutants and other dangers keeps people from salvaging them.

I've tried to make my house as comfortable as possible, and I have a small medical laboratory and a workbench, very handy to heal my radiation or create new custom weapons.

Most of the survivors who didn't died with the atomic bombs have serious mutations, and are called ghouls. Some are friendly, some are not.

I've learning a lot of science so I usually try to hack computers to unlock safes or arm old defensive robots. It is not easy, but the reward is worth trying.

I'm right now heading to a radio station, last known place of my father. I'm heavily armed but I must be fast because at night more creatures dwell the wastelands.

I'm not going to create another "Journal" for Fallout 3 as I get so inmersed I forget to take screenshots most of the time, but I'll try to write some posts (warning, they might contain story spoilers) about my progress.

Up to now, the game is almost perfect... It's like Oblivion + S.T.A.L.K.E.R., with a lot of small details that makes it great. Oh, and the V.A.T.S. system (something like a action points-based shooting) is great to watch fantastic bullet-time moments :)

I'm expecting Fable II to arrive soon (I ordered it online) and I'm playing Dead Space too (fantastic Silent Hill + Doom 3 mixture, looks awesome too!) so looks like I'll have plenty of Fallout 3 fun for a while!

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