Eve Online: Biggest scam

One of the things that either you love or you hate about MMORPGs is whensomething big happens that, using just the game rules (and usually asocial part too), "breaks" the game main design principles by doingsomething usually bad.

Eve Online has just suffered the biggest scam in his history.

Althoughthe scam itself is something worth mentioning (a player setup a bankand gave credits just to dissapear with millions of ingamecredits/money), what got my attention and impressed me has been the GHSC Infiltration Incident that the game suffered in the past.
Thisscam was a complex and elaborated one, in which someone asked amercenary guild/corporation to infiltrate in one big corporation andkill the leader, destroing their ships and stealing money. They took ayear to get influence and setup a trap in which they succeded.

This are the things I love about online games, when you make so important events and really affect the whole gameworld.

: Being killed means loosing some skills, money and "implants", not just loosing the ship.

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