Epic 40.000 (Now Epic Armageddon)

Another Games Workshop army that I have since I was a child is an Eldar army for the game Epic (now renamed to Epic: Armageddon).

I was curious today and searched for prices at GW store, just to find that they are way overpriced...

Almost the same miniatures I have, but ad a price that I don't know what they have to be so expensive (come on, 12 pounds for 24 Wraithlords miniatures that size between 6 and 15 milimeters! all the plastic of them is surely less than a single Warhammer 40k miniature!).

It is a pity, because I have another two armies almost unpainted (orcs and space marines, contained in the game box), and it seems they will stay that size, but compared with the Eldar army they are very few in numbers and firepower...

A pity that simply not being a mainstream game they charge you extra for them :(

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