Deathwatch, Deathangel and Castle Ravenloft

Finally, a long awaited order arrived with some interesting new games:

  • Deathwatch: A Warhammer 40.000 book RPG. Being able to roleplay individual Space Marines (as alien-hunters instead of mere army soldiers), looked too appealing to let it pass. As far as I've read it is not a substitute for Rogue Trader but a newer version of the rules focusing on SMs. The book looks awesome but I have almost 400 pages to read!
  • Death Angel: A card game version of Space Hulk that can be played from solo to 6 players (all with Terminator Squads, Genestealers are played automatically). I'm still reading the instructions and the system is quite clever and seems to have ported the basic feeling of Space Hulk battles.
  • Castle Ravenloft: A module I didn't ever played on the old D&D converted into a boardgame full of miniatures, random maps and that also can be played solo or up to 5 people (with automatic rules for foes). I just assembled the contents and gave a quick look to the instructions (quite small, but the maps are random and there are lots of encounter cards).

I definetly want to prepare a Deathwatch campaign to play with my friends, but if I hadn't already too much to read, more stuff...

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