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Road Rage is a comic book adaptation of two stories: Duel, a Richard Matheson tale about a normal guy who is chased by a crazy truck (there is a great movie about it!), and Throttle, a rethinking of Duel written by Stephen King and his son.

As I enjoyed a lot watching Duel for the first time when I was a child (and the other times I've watched it again) but haven't read the book, I bought Road Rage to see how was adapted into a comic.

There results are quite nice: The drawings are nicely done, with dark tones of browns, greys and reds. The pacing is good and you get nervous admiring each page.

But there is a clear separation between both stories. Matheson's original one is as nice as expected, and the changes regarding the movie are small. Instead, Stephen King's tale... is a bit dull. It changes the characters (a gang of motorbike riders), it changes in other important aspects (they are not so passive/defensive as the original chased driver), but in general feels still too similar to the original. Maybe I just expected something more different and elaborate.

I recommend it even despite my unmet expectations.

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