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Another great recommendation and lending of my friend flipper83. I've just finished reading Nemesis, a comic from Mark Millar & Steve McNiven about a different super-villain.

Nemesis is a rich super-villian grown since a child not only as a criminal, but as athletic assasin and a genious tactical mastermind. It has no remorse, no feelings (except hate and desire of revenge) and from the first pages of the comic becomes clear that wants to kill law officers in ways as cruel and destructive as possible.

As I usually do I won't spoil the contents, but if you liked kick-ass and its uncommon heroes, you should give this comic a try, as it showcases a different criminal, full of money, gadgets and weapons, and that plans every move in advance.
In general appears to be a "bad Batman" (white inside of black, but hooded, with cape, with a motorbike scene so similar to Batman's, and sharing some similar gadgets), but loves to use guns and always has a gang as support.

The comic is gory, very gory. The action is full of blood and explicit deaths, and gets more interesting each page you read. Will Nemesis kill everybody? Will he get caught? Why he hates so much the law public images?

Short but very intense and with a nice plot. Another Millar jewel.

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