Comic Book Review: The Eternaut

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Since I was a child, I like sci-fi themes of aliens invading Earth and the always initially losing human side struggling to survive and counter-attack. V, War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks... So I decided to give a try and bought The Eternaut as a compilation (the comic strips originally appeared on newspapers in 1957).

Set in Buenos Aires, a family and their friends are playing at the house when a sudden snow storm beings, apparently killing people upon touching any snowflake. They survive, forge some improvised sealed suits and begin exploring for answers as to what happened. Soon they will find that the snow was just the first strike of an alien force that seems to want to erase human life from the planet.

I love not reading/watching spoilers so I'll stop there the plot description, but it got me intrigued until the end. The drawing is fine, black and white but detailed and evocative of the story being told, and the comic keeps the orignal small 3-4 pages weekly strips so there are lots of cliffhangers to keep you eager of reading what happens next. The plot is quite imaginative for the times it was written and, despite the obvious political underlaying message, overall is an enjoyable science fiction tale.

Note: Preparing this review I learned that there is an official sequel and a remake (with more violence and political content), I might try to get a hold of the sequel. Further follow ups seem to be of lesser quality and not from the original author (who sadly dissapeared).

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