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I had this comic, Joker stashed and forgotten, this is why I'm now reading things I have before buying anything new, at least until there's some free space on the shelves. Anyway, coming back to the comic, I wish I had read before this Brian Azzarello comic, as now The Dark Knight movie gets even more meaning and I understand from where comes the excellent joker portaited at the film. An apparently "cured" Joker is released from Arkham Asylum and, as you would expect, soon starts to wreak havok at Gotham, especially to the criminal organizations. In fact, Batman appears just in the last pages, the whole comic is dedicated to the clown arch-enemy. And how well it is represented, pure chaos, violence for the simple reason of violence itself, revenge that can't be bargained or reasoned with... A Joker that just wants to create chaos and has fun doing it.

Excellent drawing and coloring, good dialogs... A must read if you enjoy Batman comics, and double time if you also enjoyed the 2009 movie.

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