Comic: Batman County Line

Batman Gotham County Line

This time I must give my thanks to my friend Jorge for letting me this comic.

The story goes about an initially simple case for Batman, which turns out to dark magic powers, zombies, and the inner fears of the caped crusader. As usual no spoilers so short description, but it's an unusual theme, specially for Batman.

This Batman is almost normal: His foes hit him (quite a lot actually), he almost uses no bat-gadgets, he doesn't knows what to do in some situations... he even has a primal feeling that is unusual on him... Also, this is a really dark and spooky theme. Really violent crimes, a retired Jim Gordon, and a dark succession of events that I won't spoil.

The comic is painted pretty well, giving an evil decadent look. Sharp edges, long and edged figures, dominance of dark colors... As I said, a different setting.

The fight of science versus magic, of humans versus "others", of martial arts versus something that doesn't feels pain, puts Batman in interesting dead-ends.

This comic is like watching Fight Club. Once you've seen it once gets less appealing, but the uncommon theme is very welcome for this superhero.

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