Book Review: The purging of Kadillus

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The Purging of Kadillus is another book about the Dark Angels, this time combining stories from multiple points of view: Belial (captain of the 3rd company), Boreas (chaplain), Naaman (scout sargeant) and other secondary characters, while they fight a fierce battle with the orks at Piscina IV.

Each chapter tells part of the story from a single point of view, sometimes returning to the same character, sometimes moving on to another. Although the book is just a battle with not so many twists, this multiple angle storytelling makes it more appealing.

Dialogues and action itself are just decent, certainly not the best I've read. I actually had more interest in reading the orks chatting but sadly there are quite few occurrences.

It was an ok read, I will probably read other "Space Marine Battles" books to see if they are better than this one.

Oh, and here the lore about Dark Angels is quite small and barely to fit having DAs instead of other chapter, but at least isn't another Ultramarines story :)

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