Book Review: The Primarchs

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Small review of the 20th book of Horus Heresy series, The Primarchs. On it we find four stories regarding primarchs in the Heresy era, and get a deeper view into how they think and act. The novellas included are:

  • The Reflection Crack'd by Graham McNeill: Is Fulgrim possesed and corrupted by a daemon?
  • Feat of Iron by Nick Kyme: Where and why did Ferrus Manus dissapeared?
  • The Lion by Gav Thorpe: Is The Lion trully loyal? (I read and reviewed it in the past)
  • The Serpent Beneath by Rob Sanders: Is really Omegon going to attack an Alpha Legion base on an asteroid and kill its own brothers?

An interesting read, with some twists and surprises. I like the concept of different stories as they don't share scenarios (nor writers), each one being fresh and different. It is hard to not spoil the contents so I'll just say that I enjoyed them.

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