Assembling miniatures

Taking advantage of my christmas holidays, I'm building the dozens of miniatures I had pending (plus more that I bought as an auto-gift :)

It is curious how now all the miniatures have so many optional components that in the case of orks, I've even had to discard some excess arms to make space for other pieces.

Apart from the last ork troops, I've got a bunch of Space Marine reinforcements (both troops and a few vehicles), but the "star project" is a homemade "ork stompa asembling facility": the box contents of a pressure cooker (similar to a crater) among with all excess and unused ork trukk and ork tank pieces and some additional materials (like chinese food sticks xD).

I've finished building it (and took some photos) but I prefer to wait until I've painted it before posting it (unpainted looks even more terrible than it is).

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