An unknown wedding

Some time ago when I died and resurrected as a god (a so called GM or GameMaster), I did lot of things. Most of them were known by some or all the people of this lands, other were more intangible, like a ghost, could not be seen but they were there.

But, even as an inmortal I kept my "mortal" feelings, and I fell in love with a mortal, an elf called Irian (Elfs are inmortal speaking of life longevity, but can die for example in combat).

I will not talk about the story because those are personal feelings, emotions and thoughts, but I can say we got married.

It was one of the few "special weddings" that have been made. A god marrying a mere mortal.

The father of all gods, GM Rohan, accepted to direct the wedding, and it took place in the new house I was building so that we could live more or less like a normal marriage (with some limitations, like I was the only one who could went upstairs because the second floor was my storage place for GM stuff).

The house was in the middle of nowhere, only available to Irian with a special item which would teleport here to the house. To go back, the house had a magical teleport which lead to her house.

The wedding took place at the house, and only one another mortal was invited and allowed to come, Adoys the great and old mage.

The wedding finished, and we both were given our wedding rings, which I still keep despite being again mortal, as the only trace of my inmortal past.

So... here's one of the secret myths that was "known" by some people but no one could prove it to be true.

Maybe some other time I'll talk about other things like this... but it gets hard to remember, as I'm getting older...

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