Alt. WoW journal entry #03122006

I have decided to keep some notes of my findings, so that my masters will be pleased.

I lurk in the shadows. I move silently. My name is not important. My missions are not to be revealed.

I have come to bring some pain and suffering to this lands. And so it will be.

I'm still young but my flesh is already rotten. I have so much to learn, to practice, to expertise in. But I've got time and all will be as planned.

I've started to do some little tasks for local chiefs, like Gordo.

The tasks I've been assigned to are so fun. From killing human farmers from a nearby field, to trying alchemist's potions to transform humans into ghouls.

Still, the humans live not so far to the south, so I'll be careful until I can face and stab them.

In another server (where my sweet friend Sigilo plays) I play the horde faction.
Although it's an alt. pj (I don't play so much compared with the main character), I'm trying to play "always rested time" to get 200% experience always. I've got 5 characters in the Alliance server (probably I'll make a 6th one to try the remaining proffesions) and two in the horde one, and I'll switch between them to make the others recharge rest time.

Seems crazy but I prefer to level multiple characters to lvl60 instead of focusing on just one and getting the best equipment for him (which can be done at any time).

Nevertheless, I'm going to write right now journals only for my main character in the alliance (human warrior) and in the horde (undead rogue) servers.

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