A square of grass

The boy was amazed. He just found a square full of green, natural grass. He could believe it.

His parents always told him not to go there, to the construction zone of the city, because he could slip or fall and get hurt with a metal pipe or similar.

But he was not very good following orders, so he kept going there. He could spend hours, looking at the dozens of kilometers of entire residential areas being built, everything covered with white concrete. Even the wooden patches would get almost white because of the concrete dust.

Except for his small, green square.

How could the grass had survived there? In his entire life, he only had seen grass at the recreational areas (most of them had artificial grass) and at the natu-parks, the small last remains of natural environments, sealed and carefully maintained as a living snapshot of the past, before mankind almost destroyed the planet.

But if there was grass under that piece of concrete, could it be in other places? Would it be possible then to bring back the Nature?[tags:Elder's Thoughts]

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