A few photos of my old Epic 40.000 miniatures

Reordering my "workshop" room to have all my miniatures there (instead of at multiple places in the whole house), one of the first things I moved were my Epic 40.000/Epic Armageddon "armies".

Disclaimer: This minis were painted around 15 years ago, bear with me and my now bad looking painting skills.

The currently painted minis consist mostly in a not so bad sized Eldar army:

Plus two really small armies, one of Orks:

And other of Dark Angels (which I decided to paint with the old black scheme instead of the dark green current one):

As the experts might have noticed, this miniatures are from the second edition (when it was called Space Marine).

I also have a box full of unpainted and some even unassembled assorted units and tanks, mostly Ork and Space Marines but also some Imperial Guard, Chaos and Eldar. Plus some chaos plastic titans and I think an unpainted fourth metal Eldar titan.


Remember that Games Workshop has available for free all the PDF rules and resources for anyone to download at their website.

Too bad that currently the miniatures are way too expensive...

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