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As I'm quite tired from work and other tasks to properly paint miniatures, I've been doing quite some reading lately, more of its fruits being this book. Third and last book of the Legacy of Caliban, The Unforgiven closes Master of Sanctity and Ravenwing. And how nicely it does!

I might be biased because my main army is Dark Angels, or that the first Warhammer 40,000 books I read were precisely about this chaper, but the way the story unfolds (spoiler beware) after Cypher allows himself to be captured is greatly written. We get to know new secrets and new details not only of the present of the sons of the Lion, but even of their past, all convering on an interesting climax. All of the main characters have their share of action and chapters where they are relevant, among with some lesser soldiers that after past books become more important for the events that happen.

Nice writing, with cliffhangers at the ending of some chapters and switching to other characters so you must keep reading to know the conclussion, quite some action scenes, surprises and plot twists... I've been hooked with reading the book until I finished last night. Definetly recommended for Dark Angel fans.

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