6th edition game box and more kickstarters!

Well well, looks like this week is getting really interesting.

After releasing the big rulebook short ago, now comes the boxed 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 game.

Now in preorder (according to the warp internet sources, to be available the 1st of september), apart from a smaller rulebook (with only the rules) and some basic dice and markers, the game features Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines.

The best of the box are without doubt the new miniatures: Chaos cultists, new chaos space marines with lot of details, and the awesome hell brute (kinda chaos dreadnought), the chaos captain, and the Dark Angel special characters.

The tactical squad is ok (I've got tons of them), ravenwing bikes are cool (but I already have a few ones) and the Deathwing terminators are ok but I already have at least 40 of them! (things that happenswhen you start young and have multiple Space Hulk editions + an existing Dark Angels army).

UPDATE: There is a great official video of close-ups of all miniatures included.

Right now iti s the limited edition only, which features an interrogator chaplain for the Dark Angels (cool looking), so I'm in. Normal edition will be around 8$ less so I can pay the extra.

I also finished reading all the non-rulebook part of the 6th Edition book and my advice is the following:
If you want to just play, ignore the big book and grab the game box;
If you like to read a lot about setting, history, lore and battle examples, plus tons of great images of armies, grab also the big book. It is clumbersome for playing, but for all the Warhammer 40k lore is really cool.

6th ed. box photo

And the second surprise is another kickstarter, this time about Mantic and their futuristic Blood Bowl Dreadball game.

The game needs little explanation: it simply is a futuristic version of Blood Bowl, with hex tiles (so slight movement changes) and the referee as its own miniature.

The game reminds me of Speedball 2 videogame, and while looks cool, the truth is I prefer the "fantasy" BB setting instead of this futuristinc one. Also Blood Bowl rules have been tested for many years (the living rulebook is free and up to date).

It also starts the kickstarter with 80$ for the boxed game containing two teams of 8 minis each + the ref, a bit high counting an additional 15$ for international shipping. As there are still 36 days left I will personally wait until they hit some stretches and add more basic contents before deciding.

Mantic Dreadball miniatures

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