6th Ed. of Warhammer 40.000 will feature Dark Angels

Well, if all the latest rumors were not enough to confirm that 6th edition of Warhammer 40.000 (that everybody points for mid-year) would be Chaos versus Dark Angel Space Marines, now we have some kind of proof:

new paint kits

If you look at the paint kit for WH40k, the miniatures look clearly Dark Angels!

Last edition basic kit was Ultramarines (as the game box then had depicted in the cover), so changing the army to one less known (but still on the "big list") for me is a the final sign that they will come in the near new edition.

I love DAs. They were my first army, I have dozens of miniatures both painted and pending painting, I've read all the books and have two codexes (2nd edition and 4/5th edition).

I fell in love with them not only because of their dark knight feeling (if only were for that I could have chosen Black Templars), but because I like the concept of having a dark secret, inner circles, an endless hunting for the fallen, the unclear but tragic ending of their home planet and primarch, the mysterious Cypher...

And of course, their great Deathwing company (I have all the story in PDF), simply the best Space Hulk theme that Games Workshop has created.

But I also fear the new money-based policies of GW. Even lower points cost to enforce buying more miniatures for the same points army? All new cool models done in Finecast with the huge pile of fails it has? More huge buildings that I cannot almost store at home?

I don't play much, but checking my old points list (from 2nd ed) the difference is abysmal. I can simply ignore the new rules and use the 5th edition ones (as I won't ever go to a tournament).

I can also simply skip buying the new buildings, as I've done in the past.

But with Finecast sometimes you cannot avoid it, as new minis don't have any metal counterpart. I've suffered small bubbles and imperfections in the few Dark Eldar Finecast minis I have, and I can simply return the new ones if have defects, but I directly don't like to buy a defective material product.
It's a matter of principles, I wouldn't buy a defective car or computer, so why I have to do it with miniatures?

My hope is that they just move to finecast all metal Dark Angel minis (I already got the ones I want in metal) and not add many new ones. And my pocket will be happier too :)

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