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Boardgames & Computer versions

Card Games & Computer versions

  • Netrunner Online Hub: News hub for both the old Netrunner and FFG's Android Netrunner.
  • Netrunner VASSAL module: Play the old Netrunner version via the VASSAL engine, with online matchmaking and deck generation.
  • OCTGN + Game Directory: Generic free online card games playing system + directory with many known games adapted to it.

CRPG Tools & Info

Comics & Movies

Miniatures & Painting

  • DakkaDakka: Huge community about painting and wargames.
  • Tabletop Fix: Really good blg to keep up with the latest releases from all manufacturers, whenever they are big or small.
  • The Painted Dragon
  • The Stuff of Legends: Incredible collection of miniature ranges, part-numbers, collections and manufacturers. Best internet source to search for references.

Miscellaneous Videogames

  • FED2k: Community around Dune 2, Dune 2000 & Emperor:Battle for Dune.
  • Project Umbrella: Fansite with incredible amounts of material about all Resident Evil games.
  • Syndicate fansite: Biggest still alive community site about the Syndicate games franchise.

Old-School Renaissance (OSR)

RPG Related

Shopping (Online)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles & Warhammer 40.000

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