J2ME RPGs I'm playing

As I don't have enough time right now to play with my Nintendo DS nor the PSP while travelling to work, I've decided to play some small RPGs on my phone.

Doom RPG

I'm on my second run on this one. A great conversion of an FPS into a turn-based action-rpg. Very enjoyable and full of secret chambers. Really worth playing.

Orcs & Elves II

Using an improved version of the Doom RPG engine, a more "true RPG" game, with more dialogs, quest logs (and more varied quest types), lots of items and multiple weapons and spells.

Playing it reminds me of playing the original Eye of the Beholder games :_)

Note: Images are from the first game, but the second part looks very similar.

Baldur's Gate

This one has just been installed, so I can't give yet a review, but looks as a a promising dungeon crawl semi-rpg.

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