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Harlequin Shadowseer and Death Jester minis comparison

I don't usually do miniature reviews or comparisons except some "extreme cases", but the incoming new Eldar Harlequin Shadowseer and Death Jester miniatures was appealing.

I have an small Eldar army, mostly composed of minis I bought to a friend (all unpainted yet, sadly), and they include a few old metal harlequin troupes. I also have the resin shadowseer, but precisely of failcast (the shadowseer had small imperfections due to the bubbles) I didn't wanted to buy the death jester until a plastic one was out. Well, they're almost here, very very likely in plastic... but also almost identical to the existing resin figures!

Shadowseer Harlequin miniature comparison

Death Jester Harlequin miniature comparison

The similarities are so big they almost look like the same mini re-posed. The shadowseer has a different weapon, ropes are swinging as if there was wind coming from the east, but that's all, apart from the paint work. But the death jester... maybe is the paint job again, but looks exactly the same and just crouched on the ruins fragment.

I wish I had better pitcures to confirm (or show my mistake) but seems creativity is not too high lately at GW...

The Elder Diary: #20150202

More than half a year later since last "diary update", but from now on I'll try to post more updates at least monthly (if I don't finish any painting/modelling project, that is).

The main update is the following photo of how's my progress with the Imperial Knight:

Imperial Knight painting progress

As you can see, excepting the base and decals, main body is finished. I also have already painted the shoulder pads and currently working on the arms. With some luck I'll have it ready for decals soon (and probably tackle one of my modelling projects, which without painting I don't even feel like showing here). It's been a huge amount of work, especially because the crappy Citadel gold paint mix has "separated" and before painting it needs heavy re-mixing and around 4-5 layers until it looks like real gold (and this painting over a silver layer, else needs even more layers!). I'll probably try Vallejo's equivalent of gold for the future, now I'm so near the end I don't want to change color and have more problems. I've also given highlights to blues, some silver parts and to the gold (using silver) and it definetly shines and looks way better. Combining with the washes, despite my poor painting things look way better :)

Apart from that, and due to the recent addition to the family of a young golden retriever dog, my sleep cycle and free time is quite chaotic now, so I'm focusing on either playing Diablo III or Hearthstone from the laptop near the dog, or reading books.

Whenever I can escape a bit to the "workshop room" I'm either painting or trying to finish assembling Deadzone miniatures, as I finally received wave 3 shipment and still have (quite a few) minis to assemble from the two earlier shipments. Definetly one of the best kickstarter projects I've backed regarding price/content ratio... lots of minis (5 factions + zombies), lots of scenery, lots of extras...

I also have pending buying some powerful white lights to improve the room's lighting for photos, currently is ok for painting but far from adequate for photos.

So, let's hope I come again soon with some cool photos!

Book Review: Priests of Mars

Book cover

Priests of Mars is the first book in a recent trilogy about an Adeptus Mechanicus search of an old magos, Telok, who seems found some ancient marvel but was considered lost. A Rogue Trader has a device that can pinpoint the last known location of the magos, so an expedition of cog servants, Cadian imperial guard troops and Black Templars space marines sets sail to find it, with a small fleet of spaceships led by the Speranza, an ancient and valued Ark Mechanicus type vessel.

I had never read much about the Adeptus Mechanicus except some basic lore and some mentions other books do to them, so I'm quite pleased to find they are quite interesting indeed. I know understand the desire of people for Games Workshop (or should I say Forge World?) to bring them as a full Warhammer 40,000 army, they are a dark version of the classic sci-fi cyborg, mixed in the grim scenario of the 41st millennium.

The book is well written, showcases multiple character groups (humans, mechanicus, space marines, even xenos), the pacing is good and thrilling, and although of couse the story halts with a nice cliffhanger, it hook me enough to already have started reading the second book. Definetly recommended for WH40k fans.

Terminator T-800 1/5 Scale Model Kit

When Terminator 2 arrived in Spain, my father (who was specialized as a films journalist), wrote a big article about the movie, and at his newspaper wanted a "different photo" instead of the typical press materials, so they went and bought a T-800 1/5 scale plastic model kit. I was really fortunate because after the photo shooting my father was able to keep the model for himself and gift it to me. It was just assembled, fully unpainted, but even in grey it looked awesome. You know, the past times when instead of selling you plastic Alien models for up to 99$ you could buy a huge model kit (this one is at least 30 cm tall!) and build it yourself.

The model has an amazing level of detail (that's why they choose it for the article), it really looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and there are lots of small details like the guts going outside of the chest, skin pores around the beard, bullet holes all around the jacket...

But I started to paint it (imagine my "quality", with 10 or 11 years), and left it after painting almost only the head and chest. And it was waiting at my mother's house until a few weeks ago I decided to bring it home and finish the job. Some hours now and then later, here it is the resulting Terminator. It is far from awesome, as has not much light/shadows, but enough so at least it is not plain. Also being mostly black and so big was hard to paint lighter areas even with a dark grey without being too noticeable, but I did my best.

Painting such a big miniature is not easy, after a while gets tiring to hold it and the base layer didn't hold on perfectly so it peeled off once or twice when placing it on the table.

T-800 model photo

T-800 model photo

T-800 model photo

T-800 model photo

T-800 model photo

There are a few more photos at my Assorted Photo Gallery.

Next will come finishing my Warhammer Imperial Knight and a different phone stand for my girlfriend (who liked mine but wanted something "less spooky").

Simple Warhammer mobile phone stand

I've always been against spending money on phone accessories as sooner or later they get obsolete, so after finally changing my phone, the new one definetly requires one, and being ~4,5" didn't fit in the old stand. So I used an expired credit card and some Warhammer undead leftovers (skulls, a tomb and spikes), plus a metal piece underneath (unseen in the photo) to make it weight some and hold up to build a simple but effective stand.

This are the results:

Mobile phone stand

Not impressive but does the job.

I'm back at painting miniatures too but until I have something finished I won't post any photos.

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