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Book Review: Lords of Mars

Lords of Mars book cover

Following the events of Priests of Mars, this second book Lords of Mars narrates how Magos Kotov comes apparently near his objective, along Black Templars and Cadian forces, but some unexpected events will make the journey harder, way harder than anyone expected. Being a trilogy of course we don't read how things finish yet but we'll enjoy new adventures, perils and amazing discoveries along the Speranza spaceship. I won't enter into spoilers but expect more of the same [high quality content].

This book took me more time to read due to lack of spare time. Sadly I've felt asleep more than once not due to lack of interest but pure exhaustion from work. The same intrigue and pacing of events, discoveries and "internal affairs" from the first title is replicated, adding to the mix quite interesting plot twists. I've directly started reading the third and final book and I am eager for more adeptus mechanicus lore and tales...

Again, highly recommended if you liked the first bok. Let's see if the trilogy ends as good as has been so far.

Total War: Warhammer announced!

Total War: Warhammer logo

Wow, this is so great! In a smart move after launching all Warhammer End of Times books and miniatures but before announcing "the new" , Warhammer 9th edition, and of course with the incoming Mordheim and Warhammer Vermintide videogames, it looks like Warhammer world might change, but the franchise is far from dissapearing.

Empire and Dwarfs versus Orks, Undead and chaos (at least Tzeentch) can be seen at the video, including "mighty beasts". Also the company behind, The Creative Assembly, are really good making strategy games and have a long story (15 years), so we can exppect a top-notch title (unlike the latest avalanche of mobile-based not-so-good-and-money-grabber titles).

This really got me excited, it's been quite a few years since we last had a Warhammer Fantasy strategy title...

Anyway, here's the nicely looking video:

Awesome Space Wolves custom Imperial Knight

The Space Wolves custom Imperial Knight

This awesome customized imperial knight, called "Iron Werewolf", is an incredible piece built by ComradeQuiche. I had been following his progress throught his Instagram Account (browsing Instagram by some warhammer tags it is so easy to find nice photos) but this last weeks have been really busy and I hadn't seen the finished results... and oh, boy!

Such a great modding (and 3D printing) job that Forge World should hire him to design an official resin kit. The painting is also so well done that makes the miniature shine even more.

There's a nice gallery and details on the construction of some pieces on this Tale of Painters article.

Games Workshop and hobby (incomplete) stores map

Many people do pilgrimages to Apple stores when they travel. Others like to go shopping at a famous place. As for me, I tend to have a sixth sense for finding gaming stores, comic stores and official Games Workshop Stores whenever I travel (inside and outside of Spain) and maybe buy a miniature or two to remind me in the future of that trip.

This is more related to chance, so, a few months ago I decided to build a map with the official GW stores and other RPG, boardgames and miniature stores so that if I travel to one of the countries I have data for, I can directly see where I can find stores.

It is not full as the data I gathered was mostly from Europe and USA, but I'll probably try to add Asia and Australia whenever I have time, but anyway it can be handy even at current incomplete state.

London stores map screenshot

You can check the map here: // There's a button at the top left area to go fullscreen, and the map works in smartphones and tablets, although instead of moving the mouse over a point to see the name you must click/touch it.

Harlequin Shadowseer & Death Jester minis comparison V2

Few days ago I did a comparison of the new and old Shadowseer and Death Jester minis using the blurry available images. Now, thanks to Spikey Bits forums we have way better resolution captures, so I've re-done the side-by-side comparison images:

Shadowseer comparison

Death Jester comparison

The Shadowseer shows no additional changes: new weapon and pose regarding the old model but looks exactly the same miniaturre just reposed. Of the Death Jester we can now see two subtle differences: The mask is different and the coat is swinging/moving so we can now see the right leg behind it. But apart from those it is also very very similar, just different painting colors to make it look less alike. A pity the new happy/angry mask as I like the old one...

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