Closed for vacations at Hylure

I tried to resist. I really tried to be strong and not buy the Nintendo Switch just for the new Zelda videogame. I started to play and finally finish all previous titles. I actually finished Zelda (the NES original) and A Link Between Worlds, and started playing Zelda II and Ocarina of Time (3DS enhanced version).

But it was futile. All those reviews praising the game so much and even my girlfriend encouraging me to go for it were too much. And I can't be happier of the decision. The videogame is such a masterpiece, such a carefully designed and crafter open-world Zelda experience, that I have just stopped most of my other hobbies because all I want to do right now is to go explore more of Hylure.

Around 50 hours put at it and still so much to discover and do, it already nears Fallout 3 and GTA V on my "most time spent at" top (apart from the original Quake, that is). So probably don't expect to see much painting photos here during around one month!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Posted by Kartones on 2017-03-08